After 3 months, 100+ applications, TOP13 pitch and TOP4 on the stage of Latitude59, Nordic Angel Program batch 3 was joined by the investors of NAP2 and after a thorough due diligence by the Lead Investors Rando Rannus and Madis Müür selected the best startups to receive a €225K investment each.
Latitude59, the largest startup festival is this week, from May 16-17 and May 15 focused on investor relations. Our Nordic Angel Program by EstBAN cycle 3 is reaching its end on the last day of the festival with the announcement of the NAP3 winner. 

Manufacturing technology and automation platform Fractory has announced Manchester for its first international office.

After an extensive 4-month manufacturer onboarding and vetting process, Fractory will now offer its full suite of services across the UK. Starting this month, customers will be able to better connect with manufacturers, making the production process easier, less costly, and more transparent.

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