How to Make Money with Angel Investors: 100 Rules to Get a Start-Up Funded from the Minds of Investors and Entrepreneurs

By D. Troy Knauss , Michael Cain and Greg Pool 

As an entrepreneur, finding the right Angel Investor to fund a deal is difficult. Similarly, as an investor, finding the right entrepreneur to back is just as difficult. This book helps entrepreneurs and investors get a better understanding of what it takes to build, invest in, and make money growing and exiting start-up companies. We look at 100 rules to fund a deal from the perspective of successful and experienced investors and exited-entrepreneurs. The goal is to help entrepreneurs learn what it takes to find the right Angel Investor willing to write a check and to help the Angel Investor find the right entrepreneur to back. While both parties are coming at the deal for different purposes, each shares the common goal of making money. 

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