Angel Investment Program 2017

EstBAN Angel Investment Program (AIP) is a micro-fund type of co-investment syndicate where angel investors will participate with tickets of €5500 and 1-2 startups will be invested to.

Why do we need Angel Investment Program?

  • To increase angel investments by syndicating
  • To make stronger network connections
  • To obtain investment skills and share best practice

What does it provide?

  • Syndicated investments into (1-2) startups from a microfund by over 20 angels
  • Training day and evaluation workshops
  • Joint analysis evaluation of target companies
  • Lead investor selected in course of the process

The program includes a training session on various relevant topics and joint evaluation sessions for selecting the better-performing companies. The applying startups will be evaluated by the participating angel investors to select the TOP20 companies, and TOP10 will be invited to pitch in front of the business angels. The participating angels will also have a special investor training day to capture the most important of angel investing and share best practice to enable better analysis and decision-making in the selection process for the investment. Due diligence will be carried out and detailed deal terms will be negotiated by a lead angel who will be chosen by participating investors.

The deadline to join the syndicate is 22 October. That is the best opportunity to dig deeper into the secrets of angel investing and learn from the experienced peers to start as a business angel. Spread the word and join the syndicate yourself.  Both, the early stage startups and angel investors are welcome to submit their applications at